Tree Felling and removal

  • Tree removels - From difficult places and very large trees.
  • Crown lifting -  to allow clearance underneath the tree, driveway and propertys.
  • Reduction - to reduce the bulk of trees, whilst retaining the trees natural shape.
  • Strategic pruning - to allow clearance from property to allow more light to pass through the tree.
  • Deadwooding - removal of dead limbs in danger of falling.


Tree Prunning and Shaping

Hedge trimming, topiary trees/shrub trimming.

4.5 Ton Digger

Power Line Clearing

Trees and power lines don't mix.

Power line clearing - isolated equipment, cherry picker truck. 

Counties Tree Control Limited is an approved contractor to work on Counties Power's network.

Garden Mulch Sales

24 Hour Emergency Work

  • Emergency work - after storms, triming and multching.

Stump grinding

Arborist performing a tree service in Auckland
  • Stump grinding - removes the stump so the ground can be reinstated or to allow further planting. No stump to big!